Scrap Busters #4: Holster Bag

We're feeling very lucky to have another guest Scrap Buster, the instagram legend that is Montana!

Montana is a talented sewist with a gloriously gothy, punky aesthetic. We can always count on them to liven up our instagram feed with something cool and different.

They can be found under the handle @MontanaStrange, well worth a follow if you don't already.


Image shows Montana, a black woman with intricate braids and glasses standing in front of a white brick wall displaying their holster bag that matches their green check jacket.


This scrap buster I’m sharing is called the holster bag, a free pattern by Glory Allan. I have made two so far and they are a great use of larger pieces. I came across this pattern while looking for something I could wear across my body that wasn’t bulky and could be worn when pockets weren’t available. 


The first one I made from an old pair of jeans and the lining was made from scraps left over after making a matching skirt and jacket. I used snap buttons to attach at the shoulder and to keep the patch pocket closed.


I made another as a gift that was reversible, meaning I attached another patch pocket on the “inside” so it can be flipped on worn on either side of the body and match whatever you're wearing. That one was made from scraps left over from making a wool jacket. I plan on making a few more, for myself and as gifts. I have more denim scraps to use and I want to make a version from halloween fat quarters I’ll piece together.


Montana in the same place, now wearing a different holster bag and matching skirt, demonstrating the patch pocket in the bag.


Glory Allan has a YouTube channel where he shows you how to put this together. This PDF pattern can only be printed at a copy shop, another option is to draft it by eye. This also comes with a kit that comes with the pattern already printed, poly twill fabric, a zip for the pocket, D rings and the length to strap you’ll need to make it. I believe you can pick the colour you want too


Here’s a quick rundown of what I did:

  • Cut out two pieces of the larger pattern piece and one pocket bag (I opted to use the back pocket from the jeans I cut into)
  • Measure and cut out matching strap/loop (a D ring or two can be used in the loop
  • Attach patch pocket to one of the larger pieces
  • Right sides together and place the strap and loop where the notches are located
  • Sew larger pieces together, encasing the strap and loop. Leave the bottom edge open to turn through
  • Turn through and top stitch all the edges closing the hole at the bottom of the bag
  • Now you have the option of attaching pop/snap buttons as I did or attaching velcro where the shoulder pieces meet on top
  • Try on, thread the strap through the D rings and adjust as needed. Your bag is ready to wear!


Montana in the same place but seated on a chair, with their green check holster bag.


I added patches to one of my holster bags, I’ll be adding badges, embroidered imagery and writing. I may incorporate paint pens and acrylic paints. You could patchwork one of these for a crazy quilt effect. The possibilities are endless!


Suitable fabrics are:

Cotton/cotton blends; brocade; denim; upholstery fabrics; twill; canvas; flannel; corduroy; broadcloth and drill


I hope my instructions made sense and everything here was clear enough. Thanks for taking the time to read this and stay crafty.




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